You may be surprised to know your relaxing soaks in the spa have a lengthy historical tradition. For millennia, people have used baths and natural hot springs as places of socialization, health, and worship. Some of the earliest hot tub parties may have been held in calderas, with red-hot stones dropped in to warm the water. These early people may not have had massage jets or digital controls in their spas, but they certainly understood the curative powers of hot water.

Egyptians embraced cleanliness and were known to bathe up to four times a day. The wealthy even had bathing rooms inside their homes and as early as 4000 years ago used the therapeutic qualities of hot water in baths, adding flowers and essential oils for aromatherapy. While the idea of a bathtub in your home seems commonplace today, most Egyptians of the time used the Nile River as not only for bathing, but as a dishwasher and washing machine.

Today’s hot tubs are so varied and can be called soaking tubs, spas and hot tubs. Many of the homes in the Denver Metro Area have hot tubs and their owners swear by them (including this one)! Such an amazing feeling rushing outside and slipping into the soothing hot water and watching the Colorado sky at night and just letting all unwind!

Hot Tubs Need Love Too! 

These hot tubs are currently looking for new owners (along with the homes they belong to)! On this Valentine’s Day….. SHARE THE LOVE!  If you would like a tour of any of these hot tubs.... and the homes, just give us a call...  clothing optional!

2 beds - 1+ Baths

2345 Walnut Street

Denver, Colorado

Listing office: TRELORA

MLS® ID: 9147282

5 beds - 4+ Baths

67 Cherry Hills Farm Drive

Englewood, Colorado


MLS® ID: 3629761

5 beds - 9 Baths

18 Brookhaven Lane

Littleton, Colorado

Listing office: Corken + Company Real Estate Group

MLS® ID: 7528412

3 beds - 1+ Baths

3032 Wilson Court

Denver, Colorado

Listing office: Wild & Mild Homes LLC

MLS® ID: 2663588