Tristan, Ellis and Janna called us in late October and told us the news that Tristan had accepted a new medical position in Houston, Texas.  So sorry to think that they would be moving, but our job is to work with them, at this point, to sell their home with INTEGRITY, PROFESSIONALISM AND CARE.

As with all new listings, once we have all decided to work together, Michael Aden and David Bell will sit down with the sellers and find out what drew them to their house when they bought it.  What did they most enjoy about the home?  What aspects of the home would they miss the most?  What do they like about the neighborhood and the location of the home.  Once they have this information, the AdenBell Group marketing machine starts.

the AdenBell Goup works with the Sellers on pricing and discusses pricing options and timelines.  In the case of Tristan and Janna’s home, they determined a market value of $485,000 and settled on a marketing and selling calendar that was realistic and good for Janna and Tristan’s timeline.

In the interview phase, Janna said she loved the proximity to Main Street in Littleton, the close-knit neighborhood and the light, airy and cool vibe of the home.  Michael and David consulted with Janna and Tristan to make the most of the living spaces for photography.

Michael and David discussed these items with the professional photographer, Teri Fatheringham……  The pics speak for themselves…..

Once the photos were completed, the AdenBell group, with the agreement of the Sellers, installed a coming soon sign in the front yard.  The AdenBell group, with it’s 1,500+ followers on Facebook, initiated teasing and coming soon blogs and advertisements.  Janna called one early evening to let us know that car drive by’s and even a couple of knocks on the door had started!!

Professionally designed brochures, working with Janna and Tristan on seller’s disclosures and prepping for the big shindig took the next 14 days.

Based on the close-knit neighborhood, the time of year, and the market, Michael and David decided to throw an open house / going away / party party for the sellers.  The AdenBell group sent out 150 invitations to Janna and Tristan’s friends and neighbors. 

That night over 80 people showed up in 2 hours, including several real estate brokers and clients and neighbors who were interested in the home.  The 2 hours turned into 3 and all had a blast!

Showings of the gorgeous home were scheduled to begin the next day.  Over the next 3 days, 48 sets of agents and clients toured the home.  Schedule of the showings were set according to the schedule of Janna and Tristan, and Ellis’ naps! 

After the first day, David and Michael had conversations about the feedback on the home…. All had gone very well.

On the fourth day, David and Michael presented Tristan and Janna with 3 offers.  David discussed the different attributes of each offer with them and then Tristan and Janna decided on the best offer, for their circumstance!  David and Michael sold the home for 106% of asking price! 

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Four weeks later, Janna, Ellis and Tristan said “See you later” to Colorado and moved to Houston. 

“David and Michael are exceptional realtors to work with! Not only were they able to help us find our first home, they were able to provide us with a stress-free experience when it came time to sell our home in December. From a successful open house, to being there when we needed assistance with pretty much anything, The AdenBell Group are IT if you want a successful home buying and selling experience. Their expertise with the different areas of Denver and surrounding suburbs are top notch and they will go above and beyond throughout the entire process. Look no further when deciding to choose a realtor, you'll thank me later!” 

Tristan, Ellis and Janna

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