Lesley contacted the AdenBell Group in desperation!

Through a sequence of unfortunate events, Leslie was living in a home that she no longer wanted. Originally, she had planned on gutting the very nice ranch home, built in 1962, on a half acre of land, to update and make it her dream home.

The 3 bedroom / 3 bath home was a perfect home back in the 60’s, for that era lifestyle, but for 2014, it was not ideal. Lots of rooms, instead of one, open fluid floor plan. Rooms seemed dark and the flow of the home was not right. With visions of HGTV in her head, Lesley tore out the outdated kitchen and started the renovation. Unbeknownst to her, the foundation had some significant issues that were known and possibly covered up by the previous seller.

After approximately $40,000 of engineering work, city and engineering sign off, and 3 years, Lesley had had it!!! She had lived in a construction zone for 3 years and wanted a kitchen and to get on with her life. She needed to move on from this home, to a place that was new and sparkling and no dust!!!

Lesley interviewed the AdenBell Group, along with several other reputable real estate agents. During the process, Lesley was very observant and made sure that she would select an agent who listened to her and had a plan. Lesley had thoughts about how she should sell the home. She was ready to put about $10,000 more into the home, to have a “temporary kitchen” and make it look pretty.

David Bell of the AdenBell Group advised her to “not do a thing!” Pack up your stuff, clean up, move the furniture into a pod and brace yourself for the AdenBell Group marketing machine.

In 4 days, the AdenBell Group not only got the home on the market, but PRIOR to going on the market, over 4,000 people saw the opportunity available on this home through Facebook and the AdenBell Group’s significant contacts. Michael Aden and David Bell told Lesley that she should leave town on the day the home hits the market.

They were right!!! On the first day, there were over 30 tours of the home. On the second day, again, another 30 tours of the home.

On the third day, Lesley accepted a CASH OFFER on her home! Listed at $399,000, the home sold for $436,000!!!

Quoting Lesley “some agents told me I was dreaming if I thought that I could get even close to $400,000 for my home. The AdenBell Group had the vision, the marketing, the right skills to get the best return, and now this home can be someone else’s dream home. I am THRILLED!”

“The AdenBell Group EXCEEDED my expectations! They got my home on the market in 8 days from the time I contacted them and did everything they said they would do. They guided me with their expertise and advised me properly, to obtain the best deal for me. I am thrilled with working with the AdenBell Group and will recommend them to everyone who is selling or buying a new home.”

Thank you Lesley! It was such a pleasure to work with you and to help you move on in your life journey!

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