We love this profession. We get to meet the COOLest people and help them move to the next chapters in their lives!

We met Mindy and David as a referral from a real estate agent in San Diego, CA. Mindy and David had decided to move to a warmer climate! They lived in a gorgeous 7,700 sq ft home in Saddle Rock, in Southeast Aurora.

Their home is one of the most livable and comfortable homes that we've been in. We interviewed with Mindy and the agent from CA to take the home to the market. They told us later that they selected us to be their listing agent because "we got it".

The challenge with selling this GORGEOUS, LARGE and WELL-DESIGNED home was that it was GORGEOUS, LARGE and WELL-DESIGNED!!


Having 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms and 3 beautiful floors of comfortable, good design, does not always guarantee a sale. We all took on our roles, in the sale, as needed. Mindy and David always had the home in impeccable show-ready shape, and I was present at every showing.


After several showings and a false start, I was contacted by an amazing couple from Houston, who had seen the home on line. As with many homes from CoolRanchColorado.com, we marketed this home extensively on Facebook, Trulia / Zillow and Realtor.com with a video home tour and many "pushes" and it's own website.

My NEW clients from Houston fell in love with the home on-line and flew into town to tour the home in early October and fell in love with the place! It was perfect for them. We were able to work out the details with Mindy and David and my clients from Houston.


ALL ARE THRILLED NOW and CoolRanchColorado.com now has 4 more happy clients!

If we can help in the purchase or sale of your next home..... please contact us to discuss! We'd love to help you out!