Just when we are starting to really feel the COLD of winter.......... back on August 10, the AdenBell Group and the Manor House in Ken-Caryl held a Fiesta Night at Manor House!

That night, about 250 people showed up to enjoy the great music, special drinks with Don Julio Tequilla and the great company!

The AdenBell Group donated a 4 night raffle prize with airfare and accommodations to Puerto Vallarta! And our winners were Lynn and Doug Fisher!

With Lynn and Doug’s approval, we wanted to share a little of their story and also of their AMAZING windfall trip!

Doug and Lynn left Denver on December 8 and arrived in PV with a car, waiting to whisk them to their beutiful one bedroom condo in the Romantic Zone of the old town.

As we were standing up with the band, congratulating Lynn and Doug on their luck, they told us that they took their honeymoon in PV, almost 20 years ago and had not been back since! So how appropriate that they would win this trip.

For 4 days, Lynn and Doug enjoyed the modern Mexican accommodations, the amazing food and the Mexican sun...  

Doug and Lynn are back in Ken-Caryl now!  If you spot them at the Safeway or Starbucks or out an about....  Ask THEM what they think about the AdenBell Group!!!  In addition to various charitable events that the AdenBell Group sponsors during the year in Ken-Caryl, The AdenBell Group LOVES to give back to the community who trusts and realize that Michael and David look out for them!  

If you are looking to Buy or Sell in the Ken-Caryl area, give Michael Aden or David Bell a call.  No high pressure, no banter, no aggressive sales tactics..... just professionalism, integrity and trust....  See what clients are saying about them here!