The number of homes for sale in Denver is at a historic low!

We need your home! The AdenBellGroup is helping clients all over the Metro Denver Area who are looking for their dream homes and you could really help out.

Take a look at the chart below of the number of available attached and detached homes on the market in Denver.  Homes available for sale have dropped from approximately 5,800 homes in January 2012 to approximately 1,200 homes available in February 2016.  This is a decrease of 79%.

Denver proper had a population of approximately 620,000 in 2012. Estimates for February 2016 put that number at approximately 700,000.  That is an increase of 13%. Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the country

Metro Denver has a population of more than three million people, and has a growth rate that has consistently outpaced the national rate every decade since the 1930s.  The region grew steadily in the past 10 years, and by 2020, Metro Denver's population is anticipated to increase to more than 3.3 million.

All of this is great news for people thinking of selling their homes. The supply / demand ratio has made this a sellers market!

If you are contemplating downsizing your current home or you have a growing family and would like more space, let Michael Aden and David Bell of the AdenBellGroup help you out.  They can discuss with you the options available and walk you through the process with INTEGRITY, PROFESSIONALISM and CARE.

Take a look at how they did just this with Janna and Tristan in Littleton. The AdenBellGroup has many successes like this that they can share with you. Check out the 5 star reviews they have received from previous clients.

The AdenBellGroup uses a marketing plan that is tailored to your sale needs and the market.  Take a look at this amazing video by the AdenBellGroup, used to help both buy and sell this amazing home.

Contact Michael and David here or call them at 303.578.1270.  If you would just like to get an automatically generated market value on your home, click here.  After that, Michael and David can walk you through a more thorough valuation and discuss their whole marketing process and how they get results.


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